Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Pick of Awesomeness, May 23rd

It's Friday again, and here's your weekly dose of awesomeness!

Insert Movie Still in Real Life, Awesomeness Insues

Over on Petapixel, I found this story about French Photographer Francois Dourlen, who takes photos inserting stills from movies and TV series into real life using his iPhone, as below. The story on Petapixel has some of his best shots, but you can find the whole collection on his Instagram.

Dogs Proved To Be Able To Sniff Out Cancer

I think dogs are awesome (I did used to work for a dog company, after all). But it seems dogs are just getting more and more awesome, as it now turns out there's proof of a long-running hypothesis, that dogs can in fact sniff out cancer in humans!

Haunting Images of Abandoned Places

As we humans spread to more and more remote places of the globe, I find myself being increasingly fascinated by abandoned places. Time seems to freeze to a halt, and things are left the way there were once. Epicdash has a really cool photo series on this very topic.

Have a great Friday!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekly Pick of Awesomeness, May 9th

It's Friday, and time for yet another Weekly Pick of Awesomeness!

Science Had an Awesomee Week

So, scientist managed to build a Star Trek/Star Wars-style tractor beam that actually works, other scientists made environmentally friendly rocket fuel from sunlight, and yet other scientists has found that both muscular and neurological functions in elders can be restored using protein therapy. Go science!

Hank and Hank Lay Out Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is probably one of the most important discussions we can have in the field of tech and communications. But its a complex issue, that I myself have struggled to understand completely, in spite of having worked in the field for quite some time. Enter Hank and Hank, who in 3 minutes lays out the whole debate in a very useful way.

And Remember...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Pick of Awesomeness, 2nd of May

Daniel Alves Takes A Bite Out of Racism!

... and a banana! During a game, the Barcelona player had a banana thrown at him by a supporter of the opposing team, intended, most likely, as a racist gesture. However, Alves won the internet when he simply bent down, picked up the banana, and ate it like it was most natural thing in the world.

A number of other European players and fans have subsequently shown their support by posting pictures of themselves eating bananas on Twitter and other platforms, using the hashtag #weareallmonkeys.

Scientist: Marinate BBQ Meat In Beer!

In one of the news stories that are almost too good to be true, a study published by Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that marinating meat in beer reduces one of the chemical compounds that form when grilling meat, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAH's. Depending on the type of beer, that reduction can be as much as 53 %! Mandatory BBQ and beer, what's not to like?

Nike's New "Risk Everything" Ad

And in more footie news, Nike's "Risk Everything" ad grips the internet. I'm not a big football fan, but this ad still speaks to me. Partly because it is very, very well-made, and partly because it speaks of the little dream inside all of us when we do our sport of choice, to excel, to be, even for a fleeting moment, one of the stars we look to on TV. Whether our sport is football, basketball, or something else entirely, the passion for sports is fuelled by dreams.

Going Down the Burj Khalifa

Remember the scene in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where Tom Cruise climbs up the Burj Khalifa? Well, someone went the other way, and base jumped off of it. Legendary.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly Pick of Awesomeness, April 25th

Shakespearian Insults!

This week saw the (supposed) 450th birthday of the Bard to end all bards, William Shakespeare. The interwebs have been overflowing with examples of what we owe to ol' Shakes, but my favorite by far is this collection of the best Shakespeare insults, taken from his works.

#myNYPD Fires Back

The social media department of the New York Police Department made worldwide news this week, as a campaign aimed at getting citizens and visitors to New York City to post images and stories of pleasant and helpful interactions with the boys in blue backfired. As in, the mother of all backfires. Hordes of negative images were posted under the hashtag, including of a bleeding 83-year-old Japanese gentleman, arrested for "jaywalking", a dog being frisked, and a woman having her hair pulled by the police at an Occupy Wall Street gathering. While the photos are of course out of context, some of them are so plainly wrong that they don't need much context. And in any case, they speak volumes of a city, where a large portion of the citizens are untrusting of their police force, seeing them more as a police state that protect the rich and the powerful against the people, rather than the people's protectors, as the picture below, posted under the hashtag, clearly shows.

At present, there are a number of user-generated campaigns spawning in other cities, such as #myLAPD.

Indian Wall Climber is Real Life Assassin's Creed

I've done a fair amount of rock climbing in my time, but I've got nothing on this guy, who made a social media splash this week. Vertical is just a state of mind!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Pick of Awesomeness, 11th of April

A bout of the flu put me up last week, so no Weekly Pick of Awesomeness (not that there wasn't awesomeness going on, I just didn't pick up on it from deep beneath my duvet. Yes, I have a duvet.). So this week's is a bit longer and include awesomeness that happened prior to this week, too. It's still awesome, though.

Classic album covers in Google Streetview

The Guardian has put out an awesome gallery, overlaying present-day Street View images from Google Maps with classic album covers. From Oasis to Creedence Clearwater Revivial and Bob Dylan (below), see where famous album artwork was shot.

British Scientist Did NOT Clone A Dinosaur

In one of those weird stories, where the story itself did get some traction, but the fact that it was a hoax got even more, this week saw a story that scientists at Liverpool's John Moore Hospital had successfully cloned a dinosaur and named it "Spot". The story was, of course, a hoax. The infant in the picture is of a kangaroo. And just think, this happened before April 1st.

The App That Might Me Get Glass

I haven't felt the huge need to get me a pair of Google Glass. I've the chance to try them out a few times, and I see the benefit of them for a number of professions, such as police officers, the armed forces, and others, what Deloitte has termed "smart wear for smart workers", but for the general public, and for me, I've failed to see the real value.

That is, until I saw this promotional video for Race Yourself, who have made a running app that allows you to see map info, speed, pace, and other info, as well as run against virtual versions of yourself (stored from your previous runs of the same route), outrun a boulder, and yes, zombies, all in augmented reality.

And I'm Not Even Going To Start Speculating What's Going On Here

My Italian isn't good enough to get exactly what's going on here (really, what's with the Nutella?), but come on, it's Coke, it's Mentos, it's Nutella, and it's a Durex condom (sounds like a shopping list from "50 Shades of Grey"). If anything belongs on a list of awesomeness, this does!